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Porch Portraits 2020

*Update 05/18* It is SO exciting to be seeing Massachusetts open up again, and business begin to get back to work. In the light of the fact that we can look up and move forward, Porch Portraits are no longer available but regular sessions are! We will take every precaution to social distance as per guidelines, but under normal circumstances, we’re not in each other’s faces anyway 🤪 So, please get in touch to hear about how I am moving forward with documenting all you lovely people in a safe, fun way!

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic this year has looked different from home to home, state to state, and country to country around the world. One thing is for sure, though, and that is that no one has been untouched by the events that have unfolded this year.

The biggest question on my mind has been “How can I help?” Of course, being stuck at home goes a long way to making me feel helpless! Especially since I’m not churning out homemade masks, or braving ICU wards to care for sick people (Shoutout to my amazing friends heading out there everyday!) What I have been able to do is I have been able to talk. Pray. Encourage. And I hope that that has made an impact in lives around me.

I did think of another way I could maybe help, thanks to a link that was sent to me by a friend. So yes, not my idea, but it can help! When I first was asked to do a Porch Portrait, my knee-jerk reaction was, “I can’t! We need to stay home! Non-essential businesses are closed!” However, as time has gone by, and things have become clearer, I realized that I can. Why?

“Governor Charlie Baker has issued an emergency order extending requiring all businesses and organizations that do not provide “COVID-19 Essential Services” to close their physical workplaces and facilities to workers, customers and the public. These businesses are encouraged to continue operations remotely (read the original order here).”

AHA! Yes! With my long lens, we can safely and appropriately:

  • Document this unique moment in history for families.
  • Do some good by bringing a smile and some encouragement while we’re at it!
  • Raise funds to provide food and other necessities for those who need them.

$70 donated already!

So, what exactly are Porch Portraits?

They are a quick 5 minute ‘session’ to document your family (and perhaps your pets!) on your front porch/steps as you shelter-in-place at home.

I will be standing at least 10 feet away from you in accordance with the rules of social distancing, and CDC guidelines, and will at no point enter your home. I will be in your driveway, on the sidewalk, or whereever is appropriate to keep my distance and take your photo. There is no physical interaction between us. I won’t touch anything of yours!

To find out more about what Porch Portraits actually are and how to book your own, click here.

Book your Porch Portrait

Sign up HERE. This link will take you to a form to enter your info. Wait to hear from me, and then we will confirm your spot!

Thank you…

Thank you for supporting me, and supporting our communities in this way! It’s amazing to see the many ways that people have come together, and the “trends” that have developed even in a pandemic!

I’m so thankful that in spite of having to keep our distance, we can be united and together in this way.

With much love!

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