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Interview with a Birth Client | Thoughts after hiring a birth photographer

I’m sure that the decision to hire a birth photographer is filled with questions that only someone who has experienced it can answer!  Emily has answer some of these questions in this interview, so I really hope that they can help you get the prospective of someone who has “been there, done that, hired the birth photographer!”

Why should someone consider hiring a birth photographer? Why did you do it?

There are about a million preparations in getting ready for the birth of your sweet baby, and hiring a birth a photographer should be in your top 10.

In the birth of my first child, I have about 10 photos in the 3 days I was in the hospital. I cherish these photos with every part of my being. It wasn’t that we didn’t have a camera, it was fully charged and ready to go. But we were having a baby. And while you’re laboring, your husband is going to be your breathing coach. Your mother is going to be holding your hand. Your best friend is going to be texting and calling friends. Your midwife is going to be checking your vital signs. Or maybe it’s a home birth, like my own, and you want it to be just you and your husband. I doubt you will be asking him to take your photo. You will most likely be holding onto him for dear life and trying to prepare for the next contraction. Let’s face it, it’s just an exciting, hectic time.

I hired a birth photographer for my second child because I wanted to capture those precious moments. The ones that capture the raw, unfiltered emotion of the whole experience. It’s as if there is a fly on the wall documenting every little detail of bringing a new life into the world. I wanted a photo of my husbands concerned face, my teeth clenched during a contraction and my midwife writing down my vital signs. I wanted someone to capture the look in my eyes as I first laid eyes on this precious being that I carried inside of me, my sons face in awe in meeting his sister only minutes old and my husband as he literally melted at the sight of his baby girl.

Were you glad you did it?

Yes! I was excited and nervous all at the same time to see my photos. I actually waited a few days after receiving Caryn’s email to look at the gallery. After laboring for many hours, I was worried that I looked awful in the photos (yes, I sound a little vain!) or maybe the photos would be chaotic. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The photos were stunning. Peaceful. Precious. Priceless. My first thought was what an amazing gift these photos were to my child. I imagined what it would have been like to see my own birth and how I would treasure photos of my mother in labor with me. If you really think about it, the thought will bring you to tears. It’s an amazing gift to have these photos for your family and an honor you are doing to your child.

Anything else you think would be helpful for people who are considering hiring a birth photographer to know?

The level of professionalism that Caryn carries. She is respectful, polite, honest and extremely talented at what she does. And she’s really great at sneaking around the room unnoticed! 😉
Also, looking back, I only heard the camera click a few times. There were many times that I completely forgot that Caryn was even there, especially during the actual birth. I have to say that she truly has a gift in making herself present at the times that really matter.

Emily, thank you so much for your perspective, and your kind words. You know how special each birth is to me, and I am so encouraged to hear what birth photography gives to each family  <3

If you have been considering birth photography, but still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me whatever questions you may have!  I offer a consultation before you even commit to anything, since it is so important that you are 1000% comfortable with every aspect surrounding your birth.
Call me at (774) 325-0115 or feel free to shoot me a message!

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