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Gentle C-Section Identical Twin Birth | Brigham & Women’s Hospital Boston

I met the most amazing couple. Kind, warm, fun – and expecting identical twins! Ever since the girls were born, I have seen them out and about, painting the town red, exploring, and having fun. What a fantastic bond this whole family is going to have, and especially the girls!

Brigham & Women’s is attentive to the needs and desires of the women who give birth there, and have embraced the concept of the “gentle c-section” along with a clear curtain (optional!) When the time is right, they drop the fabric and a clear plastic curtain remains, allowing mom to watch the baby emerging from her womb, and whenever possible, the baby goes straight to mama’s chest for some skin-to-skin bonding. What a beautiful thing that even when a c-section is medically necessary, the natural process of mom bonding with baby can start as early as possible!  It was such a joy to witness the care that was taken at this birth.

This certainly was a bucket list experience for me!  I crossed a whole lot off my photographer “have-to’s”:

• Photograph a c-section birth
• Photograph a twin birth
• Photograph maternity, birth and newborn (of the above!)
• Work with a friend – the nurse taking care of my client is a dear friend from church 🙂

The doctors and staff at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston are amazing. They are professional and took my being in the OR in stride! Of course, as a professional birth photographer, my experience and knowing where not to go and what not to touch helps. Nevertheless, I know that being in the OR is a privilege and I am grateful for the opportunity.

These are just some of my favorites that I’d love to share with you.

Arriving at the hospital for a c-section has a completely different air of anticipation. There are unknowns, and concerns, joys and excitement.

Erica shared some of her thoughts with me: “Knowing that I was going to have a c-section made me have to change my expectations for the birth of my babies.  What could have been a very depersonalized process was turned into a warm and special moment through the gentle approach to the c-section and your ability to capture it in photographs.  Even for the brief time they were separated from me, I now have all of these photos to cherish forever.  The photos allowed me to not miss a moment.  There is so much that goes on when you have a baby and it all goes by so fast…looking at the photos brings back such wonderful memories of the best day of my life.”

That is why I do what I do! Even though being on call with a young family, and heading for the hospital at the drop of a hat is not easy, it is a joy and a treasure to be able to document these amazing moments. I really just love what I do! And I’m so thankful that families can have these memories forever!

The c-section was scheduled for 11am but as a result of an emergency it was pushed back and there was a whole lot of waiting (not easy when you know you’re about to meet YOUR little people!)…

..and waiting…

Finally, around 3:54pm, all in scrubs, we made our way to the OR to prep to finally meet the babies!

Baby A – Isabella – was breech – feet first, hello world! Born at 4:29pm.

First glimpse of mom and dad ♥️

Here comes Baby B – Adelyn – protesting loudly, born at 4:31pm

This mama’s excellent medical team and her wise decisions for her babies meant that they were safely delivered even though there was  a velamentous cord insertion, where the vessels would have ruptured with the membranes if they’d had the chance to. Such a wonderful thing that we have great medical care and can preempt these sorts of things!

C-section mama’s are brave and strong and we are so blessed to live in a country where the is some of the best medical care in the world!

Congrats, beautiful B Family!

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